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In today’s environment, it is essential for any business to reduce their costs and focus on their core competencies in order to make their business flourish. We, at Transglobal Services BPO, provide you a one-stop solution to outsource your non-revenue generating departments to a team of qualified professionals. Our portfolio of services is not just restricted to Accounting, Finance, and Reporting but also expand to essentials like Management, Billing, Customer Services and Digital Marketing. Our metric-driven business process approach coupled with seasoned BPO strategies will provide effective support, complete controls and assurance of accuracy.

Our business mantra is all about providing work at the most cost efficient way, ensuring the highest level of team continuity and being able to transfer part of our customer’s culture to their own development team.


  • At TRANSGLOBAL BPO there are three main advantages you will gain, and then some, by outsourcing your treasury service and appropriate investment projection:

  • The services will be standardized, which will achieve economies of scale and industry compliant data. As a result you will have to pay much less and the information you will get will mimic actual industry conditions closely, if not perfectly.

  • Since TRANSGLOBAL SERVICES BPO handles these activities as one of their key tasks, we will know the specific needs of your business and therefore certain activities, such as reporting, that your company may not require will not be included, saving you even more on your costs.

  • Treasury and market projections are sensitive and private data so we will ensure that your data is held confidentially and there is no risk of leakage attached.

  • You will gain access to products and services from across the market, which are then held separately physically and technically, thereby providing you much more information and access than individually likely for your business, all with the guarantee of security and privacy.


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Satissfied Clients


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