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Live Chat Services

Our team of highly competent outsourced live chat support individuals offer guaranteed customer acquisition, reduced shopping cart abandonment and increased online conversions to our clients. We are a 24/7 live chat service provider whereby we generate and maintain web traffic. Our agents are well-trained in engaging customers with live chat and through calling customers, guiding the customers through the sales process and resolving the customers’ issues. Work with one of the best live chat outsourcing companies and receive the following perks:

Live Chat Services

Outsourcing Chat Support Services to TGS

The leading chat support outsourcing service provider, offers strategic and cost-effective live chat support services to help you arrest visitor dropouts from your website.

We Provide an Array of Live Chat Support Services

Being an expert live chat support company, we provide a range of web chat support services to companies across the globe. This includes:

As A Live Chat Services Provider, We Assist Companies Worldwide.

Trans Global Services has highly skilled outsourced Live Chat Services staff to help our clients get more customers, keep them from leaving their shopping carts, and increase the number of sales they make online. We offer Live Chat Services that are available around the clock, and this is how we get and keep people coming to our website. Our customer service reps have had a lot of training on how to build relationships with clients, guide clients through the many steps of the sales process, and solve problems that clients may have. When you hire one of the best outsourcing companies for live chat, you will get the following:

Professional Live Chat Support Company

We suggest a diversity of Live Chat Support to businesses all over the domain. This includes: Taking care of customers who call in

Live Chat Services

Prompt On-Demand Help

With Trans Global Services’ round-the-clock Live Chat Services, website visitors can be turned into repeat buyers. In the rapidly digitizing business world of today, every company, no matter how big or small, needs a solid plan for how to handle customer service and make sales over the Internet.

Working with customers for years has taught us that people want help, but Trans Global Services’ don’t like having to go through phone trees, wait on hold, and explain their problems to a representative. With the passage of time a client gets to a client service rep on the call, they are typically pretty distressed. By cutting down on the time they have to wait, you can make more money.

According to a survey by Forrester, almost half of online shoppers say that being able to talk to a real person right away about any questions they might have is one of the most important things for any website. Also, 91% of customers who have used Live Chat Services are happy with how well it helps them make decisions about what to buy, solve service and technical problems, and answer questions about products. Our E-representatives connect businesses and subject matter experts with online customers who need help. They do this through instant messaging, which gives the customer a more interesting and personalized experience. Our salespeople are professionals with a lot of knowledge and training. They also have strong people skills that help them connect with customers, guide them through the buying process, and ultimately make a sale.


Apart from for an escalation in online auctions, new clients, and the regular order worth. Rates of shopping cart abandonment also go down a lot. Also, Live Chat Services is up to 33% cheaper than other ways to help customers, such as by phone or email.