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Make Your Inbox Outsmart By Our Outsource Email Support Services

Customer emails that go unanswered often cause you complaints? Do you skip most of the customers’ emails unnoticed? You may have to find a unique solution to keep your inbox outsmart and your customers happy. Here Trans Global Services offers a unique way to answer your customer’s emails. You can avail of the Outsource Email Support services from us and minimize the chances of skipping the customer’s emails unanswered.

Outsourcing email support helps you focus more on the business’s core objectives rather than answering customers’ emails manually. This service helps save time as well as increase productivity. Trans Global Services is a great name when it comes to offering affordable services such as these. We are a pioneer in this industry and serve our customers with dignity. Different industries can benefit from our extensive experience. Most businesses and companies engage with their customers via email. The Use of this medium is increasing daily because most customers prefer to get their queries answered via emails instead of any other way. Additionally, online business owners must use email services to maintain a smooth business operation. The email support service by Trans Global Services is thriving to help our customers in getting new clients.

How can Trans Global Services Help You With Your Outsource Email Support Needs?

Workforce Expertise

As part of our comprehensive call centre services, we have a highly-skilled, experienced and well-trained team of highly skilled call centre professionals who are well-trained in providing a wide range of non-voice support services. Our company’s skilled email support professionals can provide prompt and appropriate responses to all your email inquiries. TGs’ email support staff is prepared to handle customer requests, provide technical support, fulfil orders, verify information, and resolve any issues.

Expertise in a Specific Field

Among the email queries we can efficiently handle are inquiries regarding service, billing, product, after-sales, and information. Your organization’s products and services can also be up-sold and cross-sold through our email support services. Our team can also collect customer feedback.

Services for Reliable Email Support

Our team will provide accurate responses to your emails within a short period. No email will go unanswered because our professionals work 24x7x365. TGS offers cost-effective non-voice support services of high quality.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Since you can answer all your customers’ questions daily, you will not need to state your business hours to them. Yourcore business functions can be concentrated instead of investing in customer support or call centres.

Is Email Support Necessary?

Many companies offer customer support through email today. Customers are more likely to contact brands via email than phone or chat. To get in touch with brands via email, customers usually use the brand’s website or app because they have found an email address there, or if they already received an email from the brand that they can reply to, and if they know what the company’s email address is. All these ways are possible to use by customers.

As an asynchronous form of communication, email support is convenient for customers because they can send an email whenever it is convenient, and the company will respond as quickly as possible. Furthermore, it eliminates the inconvenience and aggravation of waiting on hold or having to speak on the phone with someone inconvenient or aggravating. In addition to providing a “paper trail”, this support can be used by customers and companies for tracking issues and referring back to conversations from the past. If an agent cannot resolve the issue with forwarded emails, they can be forwarded to another agent.

Why Connect With Us?

TGS offers a platform for outsource email support services to its clients. Since we’ve been in business for over a decade, we’ve helped businesses delight their customers. TGS can guarantee that you will receive timely and professional responses to all of your emails when you offshore this non-voice service.

The team at Trans Global Services is dedicated to completing this task, and with the help of our information technology, we can deliver on our promises. We also offer services besides email support, such as customer service, queries answered, technical support, sales, order fulfilment, and so on, as part of our email support outsourcing.

If you want to avail yourself of the outsource email support services, you can now contact us. Our goal at TGS is to keep our customers happy at all times, so we always work as hard as we can. You will receive email support from us. Your customers now don’t have to bear the long-distance call charges because they can contact you anytime via email.

Our company has previously provided email services to a variety of companies over the years, including large corporations. Moreover, our experience varies from handling simple to complex issues that these companies have thrown at us, and we also have developed a wide range of solutions.

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