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Resolve the queries and issues of your customers efficiently by utilizing the expertise of our dedicated inbound customer service agents. Our inbound call center services offer 24/7 coverage, bilingual agents as well as capacity of up to 150 agents at any given time and live virtual receptionists who efficiently satisfy customers and ultimately reduce interruptions for your everyday business tasks. By hiring us as your inbound call center outsourcing agency, you get:

Passive and On-Demand Call Recording
Call Monitoring
Call Barge-In

We make calls to convince

Get specialized support and expertise from a team of experienced professionals and empower your organization with world-class sales and marketing tech.

We Provide Our Clients:

Our Complete Range of inbound Call Center Services

In the age of customer service driven businesses, operating without an omnichannel inbound call center is unimaginable. Since maintaining in-house call centers can be a burden on your budget, outsourcing the work to professional inbound call center solutions can be an ideal choice for you.

Call Back Option

When salespeople contact individuals whom they have not known previously or expressed interest in their offered products or services, it is called cold calling.

Inbound Sales

Warm calling is just the opposite of cold calling. It involves getting in touch by calling the prospect with whom a business has had some prior interaction.

Customer Supports

A lead is a person who has indicated an interest in a company’s product or service. The process to attract and convert strangers and prospects into indicating interest in a company’s product or service is called lead generation.

Stay Connected to World With the Help of Inbound Call Center Services by TGS

When a customer contacts a company and wants to talk to someone, there are chances that you may miss your call, or you have to wait longer. There is probably a need for someone who can help you tackle your customers. Here comes the need to join hands with Trans Global Services. We are a company of experts helping companies to handle all the customer’s calls by providing Inbound Call Center services.

What is an Inbound Call Service?

In the telecommunications industry, call centres provide services that teleservices operators provide. In this type of service, various customer service interactions occur in a call centre environment, including answering the phone, handling product recalls processing orders, and handling any other customer service interaction you can imagine.

Resolving first calls, handling average time, and waiting time in queues are indicators of the performance of inbound call centre agents. The service-level agreement of an inbound call service sometimes stipulates the goals the centre strives to achieve. Agents at our company are increasingly communicating with customers via email and chat.

Benefits of Inbound Call Services by TGS

You can benefit greatly from having your inbound call centre operating as a small company or a huge corporation. You can gain several advantages from offering inbound call services besides providing your audience with a way to contact professional business representatives.

A call centre that provides inbound services has the following benefits:

Providing exceptional customer service is likely one of your business goals. Your customers can reach you at any time through a call centre.
Your call centre representatives are guaranteed to provide better customer service when they have the necessary tools and knowledge.
Providing customer support is our main focus with our inbound call services. However, improving sales can be achieved by providing prospects direct access to customer service agents.
It is a great way to launch new products and build trust with customers when knowledgeable staff is on hand to provide friendly assistance.
Streamlining business operations with an entire team of knowledgeable people handling inbound calls can help your marketing and sales teams focus on more complex tasks instead of dealing with calls.
Advanced call routing, virtual receptionists, and other performance-enhancing features can enhance productivity and call handling efficiency.
Throughout the process, you will lose customers, so you can win them back if you work hard enough. You can gain insight into why your customers left by conducting customer surveys and proactive outreach that focuses on returning them.

Why Choose Us?

We have a professional team of agents who are well set to solve all your customers’ issues. When you hire our company for inbound call center services, all your calls will be answered by our dedicated agents, who are available 24/7. There are more than 150 agents we have. So, there is no chance that any customer will have to wait longer. What makes us best includes:

We provide necessary call recordings.
Our dedicated agents monitor every call.
In our company, we use barge-in technology.

Contact us if you also want to make your business tasks run smoothly without interruption.

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