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Is it your goal to improve lead conversions? Or you may search for someone who can bring more engaging customers to your company. Our dedicated team is always available for our customers, no matter what the circumstances may be. Trans Global Services has a professional team of agents who provide affordable Outbound Call Center services. We have many call centers to offer companies and make their interaction possible with the customers.

What are the Benefits of Getting Outbound Call Services from Us?

Call center representatives working at Outbound Call Center must answer the calls of all the customer’s calls, chats and queries received from other means. When you acquire our services, here are the features you will enjoy.

Never Miss a Call

Using our unique feature, which can allow us to communicate at a convenient time and place for your customers, you will never miss out on the opportunity to contact them.

Events Reservation

Our company has a proven track record of success in reserving hotel rooms for over several years and specializes in hotel reservations for various industries.

Get Feedback from Callers

Customers are usually the focus of a business’s efforts. Can they say that your product or service meets their needs? Can you tell us about your daily experience with customer service? To gain insight into your callers’ satisfaction levels, use our surveys that you can provide immediately to your callers to obtain actionable feedback.

Customer Conversions

Using our vast experience in closing deals, we can assist you in identifying, engaging, and converting new leads with our team of experienced sales professionals.

Set Appointments

Our team can help you set appointments, confirm dates, and increase show attendance by utilizing your platform or our system.

Collecting Information

We have a team of agents specializing in researching the market and gathering information. You can use the gathered information to convert more sales and customers.

Follow Up with Customers

You can enjoy a personalized experience by following up with your customers and sending them goal-oriented messages and promotions. We offer market-based outbound call services that include telesales and upsells. Gaining new clients is one of the most important things an organization can do. Your company’s reputation is even more at risk if you don’t retain them. You cannot keep clients if you don’t provide purposeful and practical outbound call services.

Lead Generations

You can grow your sales with the help of our additional support that can make a smooth road in getting more leads. By integrating a flexible call center platform into the Trans Global Services business model, we can address pressing customer concerns and build sales opportunities for the future. With our outbound call center tools and services, you can turn your customer contact portal into a lead generation machine. We simplify the complicated with TGS.

Why Choose Trans Global Services?

At TGS, we are a leading name in the market for outbound call centre services. We provide numerous benefits when you come to us, including:

Call Scheduling

Making Multiple Calls at Once

ACD Media Blending

And many more

If you need someone to help you make outbound calls, then we are the company you should stop at.

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